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€ 3.500.00

Research, elaboration and definition of names for products, services, companies, projects, events, applications… and for everything that does not yet have a name.


€ 4.500.00

  • Graphic design and processing of your logo
  • Logo use manual with guidelines for its autonomous application.
  • Letterhead
  • Business cards
  • Administrative documents
  • Email signature

    Creative concept

    € 4.000.00

    Development of a creative concept, consisting of an image and a short text, for communication and design projects.
    The proposal is accompanied by the application of the text on different images and by the analysis of the brand, or of the subject to whom the creative concept will be attributed, and by sector analysis.

      Communication strategy


      We develop the strategy for your communication: copy strategy and creative concepts for different and integrated channels. Price on request, defined in relation to the number of channels and the articulation of the targets.


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